Rejuvenated Bonsai

Recycled Wood, bronze
M/F, Jardine House, Central, Hong Kong

Through her work she explores introspective issues such as local culture, history, society and current affairs. She aims to exemplify the Chinese philosophy of ‘the usefulness of the useless’ in her extensive use of recycled materials including crate wood, old furniture and umbrella fabric.

In ‘Rejuvenated Bonsai’, Jaffa revitalises wood sourced from discarded packing materials and vividly transforms it into a solid tree form, which expresses her respect for Hongkong Land’s deep-rooted history in our community. The delicate branches reach out with new life, in the way that HKL continues to embrace the future.

The artist’s values and deep connection to Hong Kong and nature are reflected in this work as all the materials used were sourced and formed locally, some within just a few steps from her studio.

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