1 Min Glam

(12 Oct - 05 Nov 2013, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong)

假亦真時, 真亦假
藝術作為大社會的縮影,或者是小社區變遷的寫照, 所呈達的何止一個影像, 所表達的亦非只限於個人情感,都是活存於這個時代,空間的集體追憶。
這些年來,每天追蹤傳媒新聞的曲折離奇,猶如電視、電影情節, 讓人熱血沸騰,似真疑假,再抽絲剝繭,仔細咀嚼,似是另有所示。及至大街小巷所經所歴,對照新聞,似是無言的引證。
從觀看一條荷里活道,到俗稱“蘇豪”地帶,再擴大到中上環一帶,多少小店在短短十年間消失了, 多少街攤不見了,多少舊樓被拆了,多少金店名牌鋪開張了,多少國際畫廊進駐了,多少玻璃屋竪立了...從經濟學里的供應和需求來看,又好像没錯,但是我所看的街道風景種類卻少了。如果經濟學的發生是因為人的慾望是無限為前提,那是為大部分人嗎?我是屬於小眾還是大眾?
我也很矛盾,既要閃亮亮的鑽石,但是作品的物料卻是運送貴重物件的包裝木, 作品既要在鎂光燈下出現,但只有在黑暗中才能在從短暫的光線記憶下一窺作品的全貌。
鑽石呀,鑽石,你如果不閃亮,也不至於被人千刀萬剮了,更不會有人為你爭個你死我活。無用之用, 為之大用。你何時才明白啊!

If false make the true and true as well false
Art as microcosm of the society people living in or as portrayal of the changes taking place in the community, transcends images and emotion not by an individual, but by a living generation and the collective memory of a space.
What really amuses me is mass media news which are never short of turns and twists like TV dramas or movies. They point to something else if one makes the effort of investigation. These entertaining news make cross reference to what happens in real life and being the silent witness of the city.
Countless number of boutique shops have disappeared from Hollywood Road aka SOHO in the last decade. Street stalls and old buildings have been demolished and famous fashion brands, jewellery shops and international galleries have popped up. Street scenes are getting more and more monotonous. The demand and supply theory in economics needs no better spokesperson other than Hong Kong. Does unlimited desire apply to the majority? Do I not belong to the mainstream?
It is self-contradictory in the way that my gemstones are made of recycled crate wood used for packing luxury in the reality. Only when one sees them glowing in darkness, albeit for a very short time, will one discover the touch of glamour.
My diamond, because of the glitter, you are much sought after but have to suffer from the pain of million cuts. When will you understand the use of uselessness?

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