Running Skirt

3-5/F Jockey Club Innovation Tower
27th Sept - 6th Oct 2013

"10" Social Innovation Festival

Artist: Jaffa Lam

Partners: Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association / Hong Kong Raffles School of Continuing Education

Artist Jaffa Lam’s installation will feature huge running school skirts made from recycled umbrella fabric that will hang in the new Jockey Club Innovation Tower during the Festival. Part of it was assembled by local students during a workshop in August, with the help of the Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association. It reinvents recycled materials in a daring and playful fashion, and invites visitors to take a mischievous peek under the skirt and discover the hidden beauty beneath.

Jaffa Lam is a sculptor specializing in mixed-media sculpture and installation. Her works often explore issues related to local culture, history, society, and current affairs.