HOME (2013)

Collaborative Partners:
Curator: Connie Lam, HKAC
Initiator/Artist: Jaffa Lam Laam
Illustrator: Ho Kwong Law
Coordinator: Angel Chu Ka Ki, HKAC
Video Editor: Sai Chung Chi Ho
Fabric Production: Hong Kong Women Workers' Association
HKAS Student Helpers: Chen Wing Ki, Chow King Fung
Participants: Alumni of Fukuda Elementary School, Fukuda Residents
Special Support: Adrian Hon Chung Lam
Presenter: Hong Kong Arts Centre
Supporter: Hong Kong Art School

FUKUTAKE HOUSE, 718-1 Kou, Fukuda, Shodoshima, Kagawa, Japan
Setouchi Triennale 2013

Summer Session 20 July – 1 September 2013
Autumn Session 5 October – 4 November
9am – 5pm daily

The piece evokes nostalgia, the desire for reconnection and ponders on the effects of development in Asia. Yet while the school was once vacated and the island depopulated, they are now full again with visitors searching after their art and recollections.

It is an attempt to connect the "missing generation" by inviting migrated alumni and their relatives to sing the school song in the neighborhood here. Combined with the landscape described in the lyrics, the piece prompts a revisit to the memories of the people and things at home.

These sentiments echo similar ones in Hong Kong. Workers from mass production industries in Hong Kong were made redundant when they were in middle age as the factories relocated to Mainland China. The phenomenon shaped a "hidden group" in the society. To address this, my long term project "microeconomy" is a collaboration with the seamstresses from the Hong Kong Women Workers' Association. They helped me to sew together “objects that are often forgotten”, abandoned umbrellas, to become a starry night with the Big Deeper constellation.

Join us in sharing the tears and joy, reminiscence and hope, as well as arts and liveliness of Shodoshima and its inhabitants.

Info in Hong Kong Arts Centre website
Info in Fukutake House, Setouchi Tirennale 2013