Fine Art Asia 2014

典亞藝博 2014

4 Oct 2014 - 7 Oct 2014, VIP preview 3 Oct 2014
Hall 5, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

玩古店 裝置藝術計劃
AntiqCuTe installation project


主辦︰典亞藝博 2014

跳板:h 40cm w 30cm d 200cm
痰盂:h 24.5cm w 33cm d 23cm
搪瓷, 不銹鋼,青銅. 回收木

我記得最牢的都是在1997年前,當年讀書時喜歡的藝術家。David Hockney曖昧的跳板,Richard Wentworth超級手工的孖桶, Henry Moore在香港置地廣場那件和“8”字有關的作品。那現在還有那些好玩的呢?對了,以前既有Andy Warhol重製的毛主席像,那又何妨將鄧伯伯常用的物件重新再打造!8字金光孖痰盂!

Gold Attacks!
Diving board : h 40cm w 30cm d 200cm
Spittoon : h 24.5cm w 33cm d 23cm
Enamel, stainless steel, brass, recycled wood

What is the game of contemporary art “playing” nowadays? Politic? Social affair? I don’t have any clue.
Most of the artwork from the internet seems very similar, maybe this is a decade without great master.
All the great art I remember well are from old memories before 1997, the year I graduated from Bachelor: the ambiguous diving board in David Hockney’s Painting, the preciously welded bucket in Richard Wentworth’s mixed media work, and the mysterious number “8”hidden in the negative space of Henry Moore’s work in Landmark Plaza…However, what would I remember from now? Maybe still need to dig out from the old time, Andy Warhol!! How about imitate Andy Warhol’s Mao portrait, make a double happiness spittoon with golden 8 for Grandpa Deng (Xiao Ping)? Should be fun!

Supplement of GOLD ATTACKS! by Jaffa Lam

David Hockney

A Bigger Splash (1967)
Tate Britain Collection

“Perhaps the most popular and versatile British artist of the 20th century”
“In California, Hockney discovered, everybody had a swimming pool. Because of the climate, they could be used all year round and were not considered a luxury”

A Bigger Splash 1967

Richard Wentworth

Yellow Eight (1985)
Tate Britain Collection

“English sculptor. He studied at Hornsey College of Art, London, from 1965, and worked with Henry Moore in 1967”.
“Wentworth shared an interest in the unexpected correlation of found objects and industrial materials. He was drawn to imaginative displacements of common objects presented within a high art context”

Yellow Eight 1985

Henry Moore

Oval with Points (1968-70)
Hongkong Land Collection

“both the sculpture form of Oval with Points and the negative space inside it resemble a numeral eight, which is highly auspicious in Cantonese on account of a similarity between the pronunciation of the character for ‘eight’ and that of the character meaning to prosper’.”
David Clarke, “Hong Kong Art”, Duke University Press. 2002. Pp105.

Oval with Points 1968-70


Historical picture of Sino-British negotiations. Spittoon was placed in middle.

Sino-British Declaration
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