China8 - Contemporary Art From China on the Rhine and Ruhr
China8 大型中國當代藝術展

15/5/2015 - 13/9/2015
Lehmbruck Museum, Rhine and Ruhr, Germany

One Country Two Systems, One Bed Two Dreams
Light box, recycled umbrella fabric
Quilt made of recycled umbrella fabric 240 x 230 cm
bed size 185(W) x 200(L) x 15(H) cm


"87 tear gas canisters were fired at the protestors of the Umbrella Movement in the evening of 28th September,2014. The starry night that evening in Hong Kong looked so different while we were lying down on the streets that we occupied." - Jaffa Laam Lam

Her current project, the Micro Economy project, features material from recycled umbrellas, quilted technique, the skill of former garment industry workers.
The proposed artwork, One Country Two Systems, One Bed Two Dreams, is inspired by the recent protests taking place in Hong Kong known as the "Umbrella Movement." Even before the umbrella became a symbol of the pro-democracy protest, Jaffa had already worked on various community projects using salvaged umbrella materials to create her artworks. This artwork is a continuation in the artist's exploration in object-oriented artworks that come to grips with social realities and produces social regeneration.

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