A New Dynasty - Created in China

21/11/2015 - 22/05/2016
ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Aros Allé 2, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

A New Dynasty – Created in China is a visual, thought-provoking, and inspiring encounter with China as a present-day superpower. The works of art will give visitors unique keys to the understanding of a world which is both familiar and strange at the same time; the complex and multi-faceted phenomenon of China.

The Sound of "Daughters of the Air", 2015

Lam Laam Jaffa's installation The Sound of 'Daughters of the Air', 2015 consists of large parachutes made of recycled textiles. The parachutes are kept buoyant by wind machines. At the bottom of each parachute, a microphone records the sounds from the ind and the movements of parachutes, creating a live soundtrack to the installation. The Sound of 'Daughters in the Air' is inspired by Hams Christian Andersen's tale The Little Mermaid from 1837. The story centres around an unhappy mermaid, who fails to win the love of a human and thus never manages to obtain an immortal soul. In her brave attempts, the little mermaid meets the daughters of the air, who, by carrying out good deed, become worthy of eternal human happiness. The poetry which Lam Laam Jaffa bestows upon The Sound of 'Daughters in the Air' is in complete contrast to the stories inherent in the recycled material of the installation. China is the world's largest producer of clothes. The textile industry employs over 20 million Chinese, of whom many work for low wages and live in poverty. The textile industry is also one of China's main causes of pollution.

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