Human Vibrations Exhibition,2016

18/05/2016 - 22/06/2016
Statue Square Gardens, Central 中環皇后像廣場花園

Human Vibrations Exhibition,2016
Organizer: Hong Kong Art Development Council

題目: 我在聽,心在跳,手在動

物料: 回收水管,回收傘布,退休工人

Title: I’m listening, heartbeating, handworking

Material: Recycled pipes, recycled Umbrella fabric,retired men Collaborators: Hong Kong Woman Workers' Association, local metalsmith, students

作品簡介 我在聽,心在跳,手在動 偶在天台發現一排排的水喉靜靜地服務了我們多年,心有愧,從未好好地照顧過他們,任他們風吹雨打暴露在外。那些像臍帶一樣連接生命之源的水管很實在地把各戶相連,但是我們和上下的鄰居卻互不相通,不相識。就像是身在社會,卻對社會不公不義視而不見。這個作品雖是以回收水喉為主體,卻是以連繫人與人之間的關係為實體,將藝術的創作和民間的力量結合,讓大家可以聽到不同人在一齊討論的迴響聲。

Artist Statement I’m listening, heartbeating, handworking Accidentally, I found the pipes from the rooftop, I felt so sorry for them. They served us for many years but we tend to neglect them under the sun and typhoon. This umbilical cord-like pipe connect treasured water to different flats, however, most of the time, we don’t know our neighbours. We don’t care what happened next door. This work is mainly constructed by recycled pipes from the city, but they are indeed connecting people and they resonate from their vibrations.

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