Wood Playing: The Origin

The concept of collecting contemporary art may be becoming redundant. Since artistic forms as well as the mass media are changing all the time, how to collect these art works and present them afresh to the public becomes a challenge. Putting artist’s private collection of objects with little value, as well as the art works inspired by those collection in a show case intended for displaying antiquities of inestimable value in a museum for more than one month, is in itself a kind of art form.

弄木 ‧ 溯源


Original setting in Hong Kong University Museum.

Hall 1

To my collection –

Jaffa lam’s work was collected in Hong Kong University Museum for one month and ten days

From 9th September to 19th October 2004




Hall 2

2004, 20(l) x 20(w) x 7.5 (h) cm

To my collection 1- A whole…
Skip-board, wooden object (Source: Antique shop; Price:HK$180)

給我的藏品(一) : 一個完整…
箱板木,木器 (來源:古董店;價碼:HK$180)

2004, 18.5 x 8.7 x 8.9 (h) cm

To my collection 2: Gaze at?
Pencil, wooden lion (Source: pick up from the a casting factory, Taiwan; Price: Free)

給我的藏品(二) :凝望?

2004, 16.5  x 28.3 x 4.5(h)cm

To my collection 3: Over / Over
Pencil,shuttle (Source: Antique shop; Price:HK$180)

給我的藏品(三): 躍/躍
鉛筆,梭 (來源:古董店;價值:HK$180)

2004, Variation: from 15(d)-72(diameter)cm | 直徑15-72厘米

To my collection 8: Circling_egg 
Skip-board, Hula Hoop (Source: Household products; Price: HK$48)

箱板木,呼啦圈(來源:家居用品店;價碼: HK$48)