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The AiR Association Limited

The AiR Association Limited (AiR) is non-profit making organisation registered in Hong Kong in form of a limited company. It is founded in 2004 and operated by a collective of well-experienced Hong Kong cultural workers. The goals of the association are to promote creativity, cultural exchange and social engagement through residency programmes involving various disciplines of the local and international creative communities. Hong Kong International Artists' Workshop 2005 (HKIAW) is the pilot project organised by AiR. It is operated by a Working Group and augmented by a panel of Consultants.

AiR is currently running without a venue. It is developing locale-specific residencies as well as thematic programmes, with exclusively invited artists.

Jaffa LamChairperson
Phoebe WongVice-Chairperson
Chester ChuVice-Chairperson
Howard ChanExecutive Director


Jaffa Lam
Email: jaffalam@hotmail.com

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