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Triangle Arts Trust

Triangle Arts Trust, a registered UK charity, was founded by Sir Anthony Caro and Robert Loder in 1982. The Trust initiates and facilitates an International Network of artist's workshops, residencies and studio buildings which enable artists to work together in order to exchange ideas and practice. Workshop open days, residency open studios and exhibitions give audiences an opportunity to see a wide range of international work and gain insights into the processes of art making.
Intra Asia Network

Intra Asia Network is an open source platform for culture organizations. Its mission is to facilitate artistic mobility of Asia's cultural producers, practitioners, and creative people, through the development, promotion and empowerment of culture exchange projects. It wishes to initiate collaborations by mobilizing knowledge and resources across Asia. Since 2000, Asian culture directors have gathered in various cities, such as Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Taiwan, to discuss the challenges and......
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