( oversea exchange projects )

AiR has been creating a platform for international artist exchange. Under the facilitation of AiR, Hong Kong artists have taken part in artists’ workshops and exchange activities held overseas. We hope that through its international network, AiR can nurture an in-deep bilateral dialogue in culture.
Academic Workshop in Shantou University
Cheung Kong School of Art and Design (CKAD)

Three international artists, N.S. Harsha (India), Gabriel Baggio (Argentina), and Jaffa Lam (Hong Kong) were invited to Shantou University Cheung Kong School of Art and Design (CKAD) for an academic workshop in Shantou, China from 9th-14th May 2005. They gave fruitful installation study workshop to CKAD students during these six days and conducted 3 open lectures for all University students.
Ivy Ma

It was indeed a group work, included the owner of the playground (he is a painter and has his own gallery inside the playground), the blacksmiths who made the actual playground-ride and a helper (Mr.Ricab) from the Center, and the children I met in the village, that gave me inspiration in thinking about the plays in one's childhood. It is about children's dreams, runs in the air of a playground, then settles down in a room....a solitude. It is also about a person watches children play in a playground......
Lily Lau

Lily Lau was invited to Taiwan Hualien International Artist Workshop 2005.

After 30 hours on the flights and transits in 2 airports, I arrived at Santa Cruz and started an "exotic adventure" under the tropical sunshine and the swinging hammocks, sweats on my neck and delectable food in the back garden, singing and dancing and partying all came into my mind at the very first moments, and after all it was the friendship between artists from different parts of the world and the intensive exchange of ideas and cultures that impressed and stimulated me the most ......
Tam Wai Ping

Tam's works mainly concern the relationship between the activities of "individuality" and the perception of "Land". They are closely associated with each other, but constantly changing the fundamental nature to each other. His works have been exploring in the areas of "home and identity", "space and balance", "intersection of public and private sphere", and "reality and imagination". Based on the recent work of "Temple", Tam utilizes his works to investigate different ......
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